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Our TransFit program is designed to build muscle endurance, lean muscle and burn fat. TransFit is the ideal program for those who want to experience a fast-paced whole-body, sport-geared workout in Loveland, designed around simple and functional movements that strength and enhances your fitness.

Anyone at any skill level can jump into a TransFit class at any time and pick up the movements, the concepts and the intensity level. This program is for everyone!

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A typical TransFit class will incorporate a cardiovascular warm-up, a period of interval training with movements designed to maintain an elevated heart rate to extend the benefits of strength training and endurance building. Movements range from walking, squatting, and jumping to weight lifting.

Our TransFit classes are ideal for anyone who wants to experience a fast-paced, whole-body, sport-geared workout designed around simple and functional movements. At Tran's our ability to scale the workout to your individual needs and abilities means that anyone, at any skill level, can jump into a class and pick the movements, the concepts, and the intensity.

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